I was chatting over coffee about a passage from the Bible.   The chatting was with purpose, a sort of discussion I suppose. There were six of us sitting around a cafe table in the worship area of Mill Hill East Church, where I work as a preacher.  This informal discussion was to plan a very informal service that we have regularly on Wednesday evenings.  We were talking about ways to illustrate the content of Romans chapter 1.  Romans 1 is  bleak excoriating expose of human society, a terrifying indictment of humanity's propensity to be inhumane.  Humans, it seems, are capable of ignoring evidence that doesn't suit them to such an extent that they will even subscribe to the ridiculous notion that God might not exist let alone have claim on their allegiance.  In the latest episode of my podcast I talk about how God is reaching into this mess and providing a lifeline.  One of the best responses to this is to shout (or sing for that matter) hallelujah!