Climbing Frames are Healthy

 Climbing is an amazing physical exercise as it strengthens virtually every muscle in your body which in turn improves the fine motor skills required for activities such as; writing and drawing. The problem solving nature involved in maneuvering around a climbing frame gives children the opportunity to work things out for themselves. The sense of achievement when they reach the top of the structure and the exhilaration they get when they slide down produces feel good chemicals in the bloodstream and increases happiness and self esteem. Children become responsible for their own safety and begin to learn their own limits physically and also what scares them a little bit so they become more spatially aware and less likely to hurt themselves in everyday life.  We bought a climbing frame linked above last summer  The frame, made from sturdy, durable timber was pretty easy to put together but took time. Allow a whole day to get it put together.  I made a youtube video about it - you will notice that I couldn't resist climbing on it too. Is there any downside at all to owning a climbing frame?