Happy Easter (really)

Easter is about new starts, new life, new birth. This is often symbolised with images of eggs and chicks. We give and receive Easter eggs and maybe cards with pictures of spring sunshine or newborn chicks. All these are symbols of the season of spring and of a new, start a new beginning. 

We think about new life at Easter is because Jesus, who was crucified on that first Good Friday, rose to new life on the first Easter Sunday. This is not just a wonderful story, it’s an historical fact. Jesus’ body was never found and his resurrection never disproved. This was despite the best efforts of the mighty Roman Empire and the committed and powerful Jewish leaders to destroy the early church and discredit their belief. The early disciples were changed from a frightened and disillusioned group to men who stood up against the authorities and eventually gave their lives for what they believed – for what they knew to be true – that Jesus came back to life on Easter Sunday. New life for Jesus leading to new life in his disciples. 

The impacts of what happened that first Easter are still relevant today. When Jesus died and rose, he did it for us. He offers us new life, eternal life, with him; life that starts now, but continues beyond this life. Now that is worth celebrating